Frequently Asked Questions

Many clients believe that they can save money by decorating their space themselves instead of consulting an Interior Decorator. The truth is, with unique and artistic design according to your need, an Interior Decorator can save your time and money by helping you to avoid expensive mistakes. We can also work with the sub-contractors who are involved to make sure that the project runs smoothly, and you can focus your attentions on your regular daily responsibilities.

We have proud in having an Expertise in all kinds of Residential, Commercial Interior & Renovation Projects Like Apartments, Flats, Shops, Offices, Bungalows, Row houses, Villas, Hotels, Resort, Clinic, Etc.

The process starts with an initial design consultation. We come to your place to understand your desire. During the initial discussion, we determine your design needs, budget, how you want to use your new space, ascertain your personal style, take measurements and photographs, and inventory your current furniture.

From then, we provide initial design schematic which will have:

A diagram of your space with an ideal furniture layout
An estimated overall cost for new furniture and decor
An estimated timeline, to finish the project.

Once the overall design schematic is agreed upon, a small project can be completed in as little as four weeks. Larger projects can take at least three months or more. The timing very much depends on the customization of design in the project. The more customization, the greater lead time required. If we are working with subcontractors (electricians, plumbers, wallpaper hangers, etc), the time line usually gets stretched out.

Costs vary depending on the scope of projects. If you have a budget or a general idea of how much money you want to spend on your project, let your designer know what this is in the beginning. A tailored made design can be created that will suit your budget. When you are considering a full renovation or refurbishment project it’s important to know the logistics and costs before you start. Having an Interior Decorator manage your project means you will be fully informed about the costs of a project before it starts.

No, the first meeting is complimentary and is an opportunity for both parties to meet and evaluate the scope of the work, review the Designers portfolio, and discuss compensation.

For your benefit and the success of your project it is advisable to have a consultation prior to start any interior design assignments. Nevertheless, we are able to offer sound advice and help you to overcome from renovation dilemmas.

Our aim involves efficiency along with Quality. Our architects and designers have a great deal of experience and will be able to give you time to focus on your Budget and design it accordingly.

Depend on level of stage, situation.

You cannot do it if project is turnkey contract.

It is a detailed break-up of work-items to provide an understanding on the project costing. It is only prepared after the final design process.

3D views are the visual realistic representation of the elevation of the building. 2D Layout is similar to floor plans with measurements, name of room and room sizes.

Interior Layout shows the exact furniture that can be accommodated in the available space in a plan. For instance, in a Dining room the layout will show the positions of Dining Table/chair, crockery unit, wash counter, creative wall etc.

Space planning is very important while going for designing whether it is a two-room house or multiple rooms laying the furniture as per the space available and utilising it to the maximum.

Furniture drawings are the drawings which will give you detail about the furniture shown in the designing view with its elevation – which contains the height and width of the furniture, panelling etc. and section – which contains the sides, inner cut view of the furniture which shows the plywood thickness, measurements, distance between plywood and Isometric View- which contains visually representing three dimensional objects in two dimension in technical, so that it can be easily made into a furniture by the carpenter.

Section drawings will show the cross section of a Building structure which will appear once it is cut vertically. The elevation drawing is that which shows the front & side view of the building.

Electrical drawing is a plan which shows the basic electrical points – which consists of switch boards, wall bracket lights which are shown on the wall, fan Points, AC points, Ceiling light details, cove light connections and looping which is basically the wiring shown in the drawing from a switch to the connection.

Yes, we would be happy to serve to with our furnishing option and we believe in delivering with 99% accuracy of the designs shown in the view with the actual delivery at execution.

Every Designer works differently. We are happy to work with you as a consultant and you can either use us for the entire process, or simply for consulting and advice, allowing you to make your own choice.

Yes, you can outsource for the construction work.

According to your preference, taste, choice & reference, our inventive team will design the views considering the technical factors. So, there are very rare chances of such things to happen.

Yes, you can place your existing Furniture or any furniture purchased by you. You may give us the photograph of your existing or purchased furniture and our team will look into the Furniture provided and if it requires minute detailing then it would be an additional charge to design.

Architects and Interior Designers work very differently. Most Architects work with structure and building design and prefer not to work with details of interiors, such as kitchen and bath design, custom cabinetry and built-ins, colour schemes, flooring specifications, and wall and window treatments. Designers can create a master plan for the interior of your entire home or office, which can be implemented in stages, as your budget allows. The ideal design team consists of both an Architect and an Interior Designer in order to cover all aspects of your internal and external spaces.

Designing views are the 3D representation of the exterior designs which gives you a complete idea about how your dream home will look from the exterior. Having designing views can help you to avoid costly mistakes that will not only help you save money but can increase the value of your home.

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